Heavy Duty Truck Mount Jetters

PipeHunter truck mounted sewer machines are unlike any other in the industry. Unique features and designs that make it stand apart from the competition. The combination of a 1,000 gallon water tank and 3,000 PSI @ 50 GPM pump can knock out the heaviest of debris. Find out how this truck can benefit your fleet.

Medium Duty Truck Mount Jetters

PipeHunter medium truck mounted sewer machines are the most versatile you will find anywhere. So much has been packed into such a small package on a chassis no more than 19,500 GVWR. With the addition of a vacuum tank and an additonal hose reel, there isnt’ much you can’t knock out when it comes to SSO’s. Find out how this truck can be made to fit your fleet.

700 Gallon Trailer Jetters

Our 700 gallon trailer sewer machines are the toughest in the industry. So many features built into this trailer contribute to its long-lasting life in the field. There are many water systems available ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 PSI and 18 to 60 GPM.

300 Gallon Trailer Jetters

PipeHunter 300 gallon trailer sewer machines are built to last. This is one of the most compact and rugged trailer jets in the industry. Starting from the frame up with features like: available articulating reel, high-density polyethylene tank and Giant water pump. The torsion axle makes this trailer tow great full or empty.

VacHunter Trailer Vac

Meet the most unique vacuum trailer in the industry, VacHunter. This trailer has been designed from the ground up to be like no other. Standard features like hydraulic rear door and blower make this a powerful combo. Vacuum systems can range from 500 to 2100 CFM with tubing starting at 3″ and going up to 6″. We power our systems with diesel as well.

SideKick Easement Units

PipeHunter SideKick easement units are versatile pieces of equipment. These are great for solving the problem of inaccessible manholes and keep operators from pulling off hose and hauling it manually. No backyard is too far for these all-wheel drive units.

PipeHunter Jet Eye Camera System

The Jet Eye Camera is a revolution. No longer do manager and operators have to battle about what was accomplished. Instead of cleaning blindly, why not put some eyes down in the line and stop jetting clean pipe! Why not make one pass instead of three? It can be done with your trailer jet, truck jet or combination truck. Contact us for more information: 800.373.1318